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To progress effectively in surfing, it’s crucial to have quality equipment. At Anglet, we make it a point of honour to supply high-performance equipment to guarantee an optimal experience.

French-made foam boards

Our foam boards, made in France, come in a range of sizes and feature real rails. These features make learning to turn easier, making surfing more accessible, even for beginners. Surfing is a demanding sport, and having a good board can make all the difference to your learning and progress.

Suits: Comfort, warmth and flexibility

The wetsuits we supply are designed to provide maximum comfort, warmth and flexibility. A good wetsuit is essential to extend your time in the water, protecting you from the cold and giving you the freedom of movement you need to perform on the waves.

Eco-friendly Lycras

We are also committed to protecting the environment. Our lycras are made from recycled materials, reflecting our love and respect for the ocean. By choosing sustainable materials, we are helping to preserve our marine environment.

Respect for the Ocean

The ocean is our playground and we have a responsibility to respect it. By using quality, environmentally-friendly equipment, we show our commitment to protecting this precious environment. By learning to surf with appropriate, environmentally-friendly equipment, you’re doing your bit for the planet while improving your surfing skills.

By choosing quality equipment, you’re not only improving your surfing experience, you’re also actively helping to protect the ocean. Respect the ocean and it will respect you back!


materiel surf Glissexperiencv

The Surf Gliss’experience school’s equipment is chosen according to criteria of quality, efficiency and safety. We give preference to local suppliers and pay close attention to the production and recycling processes used.

Your progress and success are also our choice for your top-of-the-range equipment.

In keeping with the quality charter of Gliss’experience and the Ecole Française de Surf, we are committed to choosing the best possible equipment. It is chosen according to quality criteria and is regularly renewed. The boards are adapted to your level and size. Our wetsuits are sewn/glued for optimum waterproofing.

It’s time to take another ecological look at 2024 with the Neoprene used in our Sooruz wetsuits, 90% of which is made from recycled polyester, which represents around 40 bottles of plastic per wetsuit. Their glue is water-based, replacing 66% of organic solvents.

Are foam boards just for beginners?

Les joueurs de l’Aviron Bayonnais Rugby ont validés!

This is a question that comes up a lot and some occasional surfers automatically refuse them.

With this type of equipment, surfing is a real pleasure. The shocks are much less violent and the activity remains much more affordable for everyone. When the summer waves are small, the foam board is a real advantage, making it easier to get into the waves and much more efficient. All good surfers now have a foam board in their quiver” (Panel of boards).

Once in the wave, the board’s two internal (slats) carbon stringers ensure its rigidity without weighing it down, giving it real speed and real glide paths.

Their high-density waterproof foam and heat-welded finish make them “THE” boards to try out!

We’re very proud to offer our surfers boards that are made in France and not mass-produced. Each board is unique. They’re the result of careful thought and over 10 years’ collaboration with our shaper. They vary in size and are designed, shaped, cut and assembled by hand, with varying degrees of volume (known as ‘shaping’). They are the result of several years’ work to find the right materials and make them rigid, easy to handle and responsive. The rails that penetrate the water are particularly worked, pinched or rounder, known as boxy rails.)

Your feedback and your impressions after using them have enabled us to draw up a precise list of your needs.

You’ll find different rear shapes for greater or lesser stability and different volumes to personalise your glide. The plastic daggerboards are designed to optimise your grip while ensuring maximum safety. For surfers more interested in performance, some of our foam boards have real FCS daggerboards.

Your medals…

This year, exclusively, leave at the end of the course with the medals that attest to your level! Bronze, Silver or Gold wave!!! (number limited).

“These pins will be used to reward riders from beginner to expert for the progress they have made during their time in these training structures.
Pins de la fédération française de surfThis certification, together with the teaching booklet, will enable our youngest surfers to follow their technical development in surfing and guarantee their skills.

We are all former Anglet beach lifeguards. Our team will be dressed by Slazenger to ensure a warm welcome.

Take a 3D tour of our school and step onto the beach!!

vacance Surf AngletGliss’experience, the surf school run by the Office des Sports du Pays Basque, has been awarded the Fédération Française de Surf label. For many years now, it has adhered to an educational, quality and environmental charter.