Anglet, with its legendary beaches and perfect waves, is a favourite spot for surfing enthusiasts. But to become an accomplished surfer, nothing beats the guidance of the best surf instructors in Anglet. These passionate and experienced local surfers are not only fun and dynamic, but also excellent teachers, all qualified by the surfing federations.

Local surfers, ambassadors for their surf spot

Anglet surf instructors are first and foremost locals who know every corner of their beach like the back of their hand. They have grown up with the waves of the Basque Coast and have an in-depth knowledge of local surf conditions. This expertise enables them to choose the best spots and the ideal times for each session, guaranteeing an optimal surfing experience for all levels.

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Anglet surf school Gliss'experience

Passion and pedagogy

Each of these teachers is driven by a passion for surfing. Their love of the sea and the waves is contagious, and they're keen to pass this passion on to their students. But beyond their enthusiasm, they are also outstanding teachers. Trained and qualified by the surfing federations, they have all the technical and teaching skills needed to teach surfing in complete safety.

Fun and conviviality

Learning to surf with the best surf instructors in Anglet also means having a fun and memorable time. These instructors know how to combine learning with fun, creating a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced surfer, every lesson becomes an exciting and rewarding adventure.

Certified, secure training

Safety is a priority for Anglet's surf instructors. All are qualified and certified by the surfing federations, guaranteeing safe, professional supervision. They are trained in first aid and beach surveillance, so you can surf with complete peace of mind.

By choosing the best surf instructors in Anglet, you're treating yourself to much more than just surf lessons. You'll benefit from the expertise of passionate local surfers, teaching methods adapted to all levels, and a fun and safe experience on one of the most beautiful beaches on the Basque Coast. Immerse yourself in the world of surfing with instructors who will guide and inspire you with every wave!

Mathieu Gallico

Creator of the Anglet surf school and its surf concepts, holder of the B.E.S.A.A.P.T (Brevet d'État Sport pour Tous) and the B.E.E.Surf. Sharing, teaching and human relations are his passion. A bodyboarder, surfer and windsurfer, he has been teaching surfing and surfing-related disciplines since 1999, between France, Tahiti and the Canary Islands, which he loves to help people discover and where he practises his professionalism.

His keen interest in the oceans here and elsewhere and his contagious dynamism will lead you to discover new shores with the off-season Surfcamps he organises abroad when the Indian summer arrives.

Special feature: A multi-skier and former lifeguard on the beaches of Anglet, he is passionate about teaching and human relations. He loves to share his passion for the ocean and makes it a point of honour to look after the well-being of his surfers.

Over the years, I've tried to build up a quality team, united by the same passion, our knowledge of the ocean, our desire to share and our values of caring and listening.

From 7 to 87 years old, we are ready to welcome you in the best possible way so that you can spend unforgettable moments of pleasure in our company.

François Clerc

Federal diploma, second degree surfing, and State fitness certificate, it is with great sympathy that he will accompany you to the heart of our passion. Faithful to the development of the school since its beginnings, this sports teacher, who worked for fifteen years at the Union Sportive Biarritz, specialises in leadership and teaching. His ability to listen and his desire to share are his greatest assets. His surfing advice is invaluable and the Cavaliers beach, where he grew up, holds no secrets for him.

Emmanuel Bonnet

State Surfing Certificate, excellent surfer, This high-level sportsman, legendary coach of the Anglet surf club, is a one-man surf teaching experience. He and his teams have followed, coached, filmed, debriefed and nurtured some of the greatest talents in British surfing today. He has represented the town of Anglet at competitions in France and abroad, accompanying the jewel in the crown of the local surfing scene, and with his inexhaustible passion for his activity, the school couldn't do without him!

Our surf school in Anglet

Surf teachers in Anglet, a story of passion
Our surf school on the Cavaliers beach in Anglet, facing the ocean, is located not far from the Chambre d'amour, close to the famous Chiberta golf course, the IZADIA ecological centre, at the foot of the Atlantal thalassotherapy centre and the CHIBERTA forest. Our structure, both shady and sunny, facing the ocean and the beach, has been designed and optimised for your comfort.

The« Renosurfcar »

Surf teachers in Anglet, a story of passion
Our faithful steed, with driver, has its place among the team. As the tides change, he'll lead you in search of serene, suitable areas. Depending on the conditions, we'll cover part of the coastline in search of the best waves. At the end of the day, the comfortable seats, choice of music and Dolby sound allow you to relax and unwind. He's also the link between the surfcamp and our Cavaliers surf site.